The Project

Exploring Virtual Reality Prosthetics

Exploring Virtual Reality and Prosthetics is a project that was born out of a Sand Pit at Sheffield Hallam University, it is a multidisciplinary project that ultimately looks at the designing of prosthetics for amputees and the changing attitudes towards disability. The project sees Staff and some students from Sheffield Hallam University working with students at Sheffield University Technical College to build up designs for prosthetics that will then be built and tested in a virtual world.

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The staff and students involved in this study are:

Ms Denise Eaton – Project Manager

Dr Maddy Arden – Reader in Psychology

Mr Ivan Phelan – Research Associate Games and App Development

Dr Andrew Alderson – Research Fellow looking at Smart Materials.

Ms Carol Garcia – Senior Physiotherapist Lecturer

Mr Heath Reed – Senior Design Researcher

Dr Catherine Duckett – Senior Lecturer in Analytical Science

Dr Christine Le Maitre – Senior Lecturer in Molecular and Cell Biology

Mr Steve Florence – Simulations Technical Officer

Miss Emily Waters – 2nd year undergraduate in BSc Psychology

Mr Darren Richardson – Sculptor, Designer, Maker, Associate Lecturer in Design, 1st year postgraduate student in MA Product Design


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